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Tai Chi Art Tutoring by
Thomas Nowakowski
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International Push Hands Meeting in Prague
September www.push-hands.cz


Tai Chi with Qi Gong elements
with Master Thomas Nowakowski

Thomas Nowakowski's Shapes of balance - structured development of perception
used as original way of teaching Tai Chi.

Classes in Kingston upon Thames

Wednesdays 7 - 8.30pm (main practice) and 8.30 - 9pm (individual work)

Kingston Quaker Centre - Hall
Fairfield East

Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2PT

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Class with Thomas Nowakowski

And his Shapes of Balance System

Thomas Nowakowski - Shapes of Balance

We hold the class of Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Kingston upon Thames. The group is open to all interested in it.

The beginners and those with more experience are equally welcomed.

We're practicing complex system based on Yang style and San Feng - relatively unknown family style. We begin the practice with San Feng's Father form - kind of warm up / relax exercise which is absolutely unique and complete.

As far as we know Thomas Nowakowski is the the only one teaching it in UK.
Adding to that his over 30 years of experience in teaching Tai Chi & Qi Gong on all possible levels and his original methodology is probably the best way to invite you.

Practice Tai Chi is perfect way to stay balanced.

It can help you with :

Ħ  ® developing perception

Ħ  ® refining breathing quality

Ħ  ® stress reduction

Ħ  ® improving cardio-vascular fitness

Ħ  ® building on your flexibility

Ħ  ® strengthening and toning

Ħ  ® mind-body exercise

Ħ  ® relaxation-concentration

 Ħ  ® and many others


We’ll be practising with topics:

Nei gong - based on principals Tai Chi internal work in forms.

Nine Small Havens form.

Study and a comparison of 13 Basic Forms Tai Chi (The Earth form from Yang Style and Mather form from San Feng Style) and other foundation forms of our style.

Tai Chi practical applications.

Tuishou - Push Hands, Sensitive Hands.

Timing, balance of structure and movement of awareness in forms and practice with partner.

One to one lessons for participants - advice to personal practice.

The class is open to everybody.

If You would like to try improve the quality of your life or have anybody interested please contact us or simple drop in.




Tomasz (Thomas) Nowakowski living in London, Tai Chi teacher and visual artist.

Since 1966, He has studied different martial arts (Judo, Ju-jitsu, fencing, Kendo, Kung fu, Aikido, Karate) and other different systems of work with awareness of movement, for example, yoga, Do In (Tao In), Qi Gong.

Thomas has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong since 1982.

During last 32 years Thomas has taught Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong in many countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

He has lead workshops at his own school as well as for different companies, cultural and educational institutions.

Thomas was a judge at 7th Chung Hwa Cup International Tai Chi Chuan Championship at Taiwan in 2004.

He is co-founder The Tai Chi Art Centre - Golden Hill (Zlaty Kopec) in Prague, International Push Hands Meeting in Prague and founder Tai Chi Art Centre London.

In 1990 he met his current teacher Dr Ming Wong C.Y. and over 25 years has studied his family style Tai Chi, Tai Ki Kung San Fung and some techniques and theory of chinese medicine.

Thomas is the author of “Shapes of Balance” system (structured development of perception).


Kingston Quakers Centre

Kingston upon Thames

Fairfield East Surrey KT1 2PT


Option 1 - £15 each class

Option 2 - £50 for a packet of 4 classes

Please contact us to book the place.


E-mail: info@taichi-goldenhill.info

Phone: Zofia Polak - 0 751 409 2687


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